Thursday, September 30, 2010


The National Trust in the UK, have found an interesting way to get people off their couches and encourage them to visit the countryside.

The Trust have had sofas constructed out of straw and grass, which people can sit on at the National Trusts properties.

Couch potatoes can now enjoy the fresh air and scenery from the comfort of a sofa!

The giant sofas need to be watered and mowed to keep them in good condition.

The sofas have custom made footstools too!

The National Trust

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Saturday, September 25th saw Pallucci Furniture participate in the Autumn Shift Festival on Main St.

The festival organized by the Mount Pleasant BIA celebrated a shift in seasons from summer to fall by having local businesses set up stalls on Main St and having live entertainment.

The festival allowed local businesses to promoted themselves and interact with the public.

Pallucci showcased some of their sofas and offered the chance to win free cinema tickets to people who joined the mailing list!

The draw for the free cinema tickets will be held at the end of September and 4 tickets will be given away. Everyone who has joined the mailing list will receive a monthly newsletter that will give updates on new models at the store and exclusive discounts not available to people who are not on the list!

To join Pallucci Furniture mailing list and have the chance to win some free cinema tickets, either telephone or email... for contact details visit the web site