Monday, February 27, 2012

Contrasting Furniture

Contrasting furniture can be an interesting and fun way to bring color and personality to a room. When adding additional pieces to your home, it is important to consider the furniture that you already have. Everything from style to color is important when buying new sofas, chairs, sectionals or even coffee tables especially when it is from different furniture stores and manufacturers. 

You may have a sofa set at home and are looking to buy a new chair, the only problem is you can't find one to match it. So what do you do? You can buy a tub chair in a completely different color to purposely contrast the two and bring color and uniqueness to your living room. 

Red Tub Chair

For those who have dark color furniture, a red or white tub chair is a perfect contrast piece. Same thing applies to light color furniture; a beige sofa looks great with a brown or black chair. 

Zebra Chair
The zebra chair is a perfect accent chair to add to a room which has light or dark furniture. It will match almost any furniture you have and its fun design and shape brings individuality. 

For more ideas and information on contrasting, stop by at our Vancouver furniture store and we will show you examples of lay outs.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Do You Work From Home?

Working from home can have its benefits but also its down parts, especially if you don't have the right furniture to make your home office a warm and comforting environment.

Pallucci Furniture's tub chairs are comfortable, stylish chairs which are an ideal addition to a home office. They are compact and space friendly, yet comfortable enough to take that well deserved break in. 

Black Tub Chair
Some chairs at Pallucci Furniture also come with an ottoman so you can put your feet up!
Brown Metro Chair
 Having a home office can sometimes be a difficult thing when it comes to managing and organizing space. Pallucci Furniture offers a variety of storage ottomans which serve multiple purposes. The obvious purpose is for storage, but what many people don't know is that these ottomans can also be used as extra seating or even as a coffee table. 

Black Storage Ottoman

Ottoman Tray Set
 When furnishing your home office, Pallucci Furniture is the place to go. We offer everything from rugs and lamps to sectional sofa beds with storage! Our compact size furniture is ideal for smaller areas such as home offices and the prices are right too!

Prism Rug
Arc Lamp

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sofas For Those With Back Problems

If you experience back problems and constantly find yourself shifting around in your sofa looking for a comfortable position that will ease some of the pain, you've come to the right place!

Pallucci Furniture offers a variety of sofas and love seats which are designed in a way that provide lower back support due to the stitching and style of the back cushions. The lower 'lumbar' style of sofa has received great feedback from our customers proving to be helpful for those with back pain. 

Sonic Love Seat
 The Sonic love seat is one of our best sellers due to its comfort and lower back support. The stitching along the middle of the cushions is the key necessity in creating this style of cushioning which provides the support you need. Not only that, but the arms are low and soft so if you like to nap and lay down on your sofa the Sonic genuine leather sofa is the one for you! We offer the Sonic as a love seat and sofa, and it is available in black and brown.

Dino Love Seat

 The Dino bonded leather sofa is another sofa which provides lumbar support. It is available in black and brown and can be bought as a love seat, sofa, chair, ottoman, sofa bed and sectional! 

Delta Sectional
 The Delta Sectional is one of the most popular sectionals at Pallucci Furniture. Its wide, fashionable chaise provides much space for comfort whether it be for sleeping, sitting or just relaxing and watching TV. The low arms on this sectional are ideal for those who like to lay down; you wont have to worry about using a pillow! In addition to the chaise, low arms and lumbar support, the Delta sectional also contains pocket springs. Pocket springs provide firm and extra support for the seat cushions. The Delta is available in black and brown and the chaise can be ordered on either the left or right hand facing side. 

Keep in mind, Pallucci Furniture offers matching ottomans for the Sonic, Delta and Dino!

Multi Ottoman Black $249

Multi Ottoman Brown $249


Monday, February 6, 2012

Condo Size Furniture

Living in a small condo or home has it's benefits but also its drawbacks, especially when trying to furnish it. We constantly get customers asking for “condo size furniture” or coming with specified dimensions for sofas and other household furniture. In every case, we have been more than happy to help and have done so quite easily due to the variety of 'condo size' furniture we carry.

Ranging from rugs to sectionals, Pallucci Furniture carries stock of different items that customers can find suitable for furnishing their new apartment or home. 

Polo Coffee Table- Brown

The polo coffee table is one piece of furniture that Pallucci Furniture carries that is practical and ideal for smaller living areas. It is a glass top coffee tables which includes four ottomans that can be tucked under when not in use, and pulled out for extra seating when you have guests over. The colors available for this product are black and brown.

Prism Rug

Another product that Pallucci Furniture carries is the prism rug which is L79'' x D60''. It is a nice small area rug suitable for any room and is on sale for only $99 including tax!

Lacey Sectional

The Lacey sectional is the smallest bonded leather sectional offered at Pallucci Furniture. Its reversible chaise is ideal for those who plan to move or for those who like to rearrange their room and switch things up. This sectional comes in three pieces, therefore it is easy to deliver and rarely has problems fitting through doorways. The comfort and reversible chaise of this compact sectional is what seals the deal!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tufted Furniture


Tufted Furniture

According to an article by 'Thehome', tufting was originally done to secure cushioning to backs and seats of upholstered furniture. However, today tufting is done more for visual interest than practicality.

Tufting highlights the fabric and adds shadows in the tufts creating a rich and supple look for the leather. This type of design attracts notice, and gives the furniture a unique look. From antique-inspired pieces to the most contemporary design, tufting accessorizes all kinds of upholstery with sophistication and style.
The Romola Furniture is available as a sofa, love seat, sofa bed and chair! You can also get a matching ottoman. This set comes in dark brown, cream and red!

Lacey Sectional

Matiz Corner Sofa

The Matiz corner sofa and Lacey Sectional are our best selling bonded leather products due to their amazing comfort and contemporary style, they are perfect for the living room. The reversible chaise on the Lacey sectional is convenient in case you move to another home or just want to change the look of your room.