Saturday, July 6, 2013

Our Noble Sectional

Pallucci Furniture Welcomes The Noble Sectional

At Pallucci Furniture, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a wide range of furniture for all types of room sizes. Whether you have a bachelor suite to furnish, or an enormous living room to fill up, you can rest assured Pallucci will have what you need.

Our newest arrival, the Noble, has already gained much popularity within our showroom. This white, bonded leather sectional gives you the option of adjusting the headrests and the arm. With one simple movement, both the headrests and arm can click into any position you would like in order to give you the comfort you need. It takes quite a bit of effort though, so if you have young ones running around you don't have to worry!

Noble Sectional

Buying a white sofa or sectional can make a small room appear to be much larger. It can really "brighten the place up" as many of our customers tell us. Some customers feel a little uneasy purchasing a white sectional in fear of kids or pets being messy. However, bonded leather is very easy to maintain; wiping it down with a wet cloth twice a week will keep it looking fresh and clean. 

All of our products come with a one year warranty and we include the tax in all our prices!
We also deliver free to Vancouver when the purchase is $699 or more and subsidize the price for areas outside of Vancouver.

Come to Pallucci today and check out this awesome deal!