Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pet Hairs On Your Sofa - Vacuum The Dog

No More Pet Hairs On Your Furniture.
A new device from the company Dyson is designed to be attached on to your existing vacuum and be used on your pet!



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Never Lose Your Iphone Down Your Sofa Again

This Japanese design allows its owner to simply place Iphones and other objects into the chair!

The Biodegradable Sofa

Mexican Designer Emiliano Godoy has designed a biodegradable knitted sofa. Although this sofa is not for sale we thought you might like to see the picture.
The official Pallucci Furniture Site

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Interesting Sofa Designs

The Cell Sofa influenced by Amoeba by Ivan Venkov
Origono Sofa
Modern Chair
Futuristic Sofa
The New York Skyline Sofa!
This sofa is called the Flap, designed by the Italian Company Edra
Versace Bubble Sofa Made From Polyurethane
Sofas Made Out Of Straw and Grass

Nite Club Sofa

Scrap materials used to cover this sofa

The Rug Sofa

Italian Style Sofa!

Cactus Sofa

The Brick

Alien Sofa

The Keep Your Fingers Crossed Sofa?

The Giants Causeway Sofa!

Tetris Sofa

The Capricorn Chaise

Leopard Sofa

A sofa made from old clothes!

The Tiger Chaise