Monday, March 26, 2012

Ready to Downsize?

Are you downsizing to a smaller house or condo and are in the market for new furniture? If you are, chances are you're looking for smaller compact furniture which will look great in your new home while at the same time keeping it spacious. 

Pallucci Furniture offers a variety of sofas, sectionals and chairs which are ideal for smaller size condos and houses. Downsizing has been made easier by Pallucci and we encourage you to come down and take a look!

The Lacey Sectional is a black bonded leather sectional which has a reversible chaise. You can move the chaise from side to side which makes it ideal when moving or rearranging your room. The memory foam seat cushions provide comfort allowing you to sink in and relax. 

Lacey Sectional
The Echo corner sofa is an adjustable sectional which can be made longer on either side by inserting or removing an armless chair. This product is available in black, brown and cream and is perfect for those who like change. Adjusting the length on the Echo is easy! You just clip the armless chair in between the sections..or you can take the chair out and place it in another area of your room. 

Echo Sectional
Echo armless chair

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Echo Sectional

Choosing the right sectional for your home can be tricky when it comes to picking one that is the right size and configuration. A sectional that is adjustable in length is one which would suit every household due to its versatility.

Pallucci Furniture now offers a sectional which can be adjusted in length on either side to make it longer if needed. The way this is done is by inserting an armless chair into the desired part of the sectional. If you should decide to make the sectional smaller, the armless chair can be removed and used as a matching chair for the sectional. 

Echo Sectional
The Echo bonded leather sectional and additional arm chairs are available in brown, black and beige. The comfort and practicality of this sectional is worth taking a look at!