Monday, February 27, 2012

Contrasting Furniture

Contrasting furniture can be an interesting and fun way to bring color and personality to a room. When adding additional pieces to your home, it is important to consider the furniture that you already have. Everything from style to color is important when buying new sofas, chairs, sectionals or even coffee tables especially when it is from different furniture stores and manufacturers. 

You may have a sofa set at home and are looking to buy a new chair, the only problem is you can't find one to match it. So what do you do? You can buy a tub chair in a completely different color to purposely contrast the two and bring color and uniqueness to your living room. 

Red Tub Chair

For those who have dark color furniture, a red or white tub chair is a perfect contrast piece. Same thing applies to light color furniture; a beige sofa looks great with a brown or black chair. 

Zebra Chair
The zebra chair is a perfect accent chair to add to a room which has light or dark furniture. It will match almost any furniture you have and its fun design and shape brings individuality. 

For more ideas and information on contrasting, stop by at our Vancouver furniture store and we will show you examples of lay outs.

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