Thursday, July 8, 2010

5 Tips For Success With Twitter

1) Why are using Twitter?

You need to know what you want to use Twitter for. Sit down and formulate a strategy: Do you want to develop small scale relationships, market your brand or drive people to your website... without a goal you will not be able to measure your success with Twitter.
Just using Twitter because everyone else is using it won't bring you success

2) Image!

Make sure your Twitter account looks professional. Just like your web site or office space, you will need to project a professional image so you are taken seriously... even if you are a comedian you still want people to take you seriously!

3) Reply!

Thank Twitter users who say something positive about your company or brand, and if they tweeted something bad resolve it and they could become a fan of your business!

4)Write Interesting posts!

Why should people follow you on Twitter? What will they get out of it? Make sure there is value in your posts and if you direct users to your website/blog with a link, make sure there is value in the information they are going to read, they are more likely to read your future tweets and re tweet your posting which can gain you more followers.

5) Have a catchy title!

You want your followers to re tweet your posts onto their followers? ... Make sure the title grabs their attention. Keep it short so it's quicker and easy to read.

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