Friday, January 28, 2011

The 4 F's of Sofa Shopping

We've found a great article on how to find a sofa and what to look for when purchasing!

The stylist, Courtney Jones, breaks the process down into the 4 F's: Form, Frame, Fabric and Fill.

FORM describes the shape. What shape do you need and how much space do you have? What functions will this sofa fulfill? Are you looking for a great comfy sectional for family movie nights? Or an economical and chic 2 and 3 seater for a small condo? Form should be your first consideration.

FRAME is the next step. Jones recommends checking that your sofa is made with a hardwood frame. We at Pallucci's couldn't agree more. This is what holds your sofa together and affects durability and lifetime. This is why, with all Pallucci sofas, all of our frames are made with birch, a hardwood, and both glued and screwed together.

Once you've decided on the shape and made sure the "bones" of the sofa are solid, then comes the third step, FABRIC. What colours, textures and materials are you looking for? Pallucci's specializes in leather sofas. Easy to maintain, with high durability and breathability, you don't have to panic when guests come to visit. Just dust off the dog fur, plump the pillows and your couch will look brand new!

FILL is the final consideration. Often forgotten, fill is important. The fibers used in Pallucci sofas keep their shape so your back cushions will stay plump and supportive. All of our seat cushions are made with memory foam so sitting down the seat will mold, but it will spring back as soon as you stand. Also it's long-lasting and tops the list in comfort!

Finding the perfect sofa is all about research and quality. It's an investment piece for your living space and comfort and style are top concerns. So come check out Pallucci Furniture and see how we've made that happen!

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