Monday, March 28, 2011

La vie artistique

Where should you hang your art work?

So you've got your furniture all set up and organized the way that you like it. Now it's time to do something about your bare walls. We found this great article on art work location and design elements from the Style at Home E-zine. They say that many people tend to hang their artwork a little too high and their stylists recommend differently.

If you're looking to dress up that space above your sofa then Style at Home says hang it no more than 6-8 inches above your couch. If you're placing artwork on a wall without anything in front the general recommendation is around eye height, so 60-65 inches from the ground to the center of the art. While it might feel a tad low when you're actually placing it on the wall, when you stand back it'll look completely natural. And fantastic of course!

Dream a little. Go with one big picture or shake it up a little with a cluster of frames in varying sizes. Don't let rules stifle your creativity, they are meant as general guidelines, if you think it looks good then that's what matters.

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