Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pallucci Furniture's Lacey Collection

Pallucci Furniture's Lacey collection is now more popular than ever. Our low and affordable prices combined with great style and variety is sparking interest all over the province. The Lacey collection consists of the Lacey sofa, love seat, sectional and chair. A relative product is the Matiz corner sofa and Mylo sectional.

Lacey Sofa

Lacey Love Seat

Lacey Sectional
The Lacey sectional is a condo sized sectional which is popular among those living in Vancouver condos. Another winning factor with this sectional is that the chaise is reversible, meaning that the user can flip it from side to side depending on the room they are furnishing. This is ideal for those who like to rearrange their furniture or for those who plan to move. 

The Lacey sofas and chair are available in the standard grey fabric and also in a white, black, brown and red bonded leather. The Lacey sectional is available in the grey fabric and also in a  white and black bonded leather.

Mylo Sectional
The Mylo sectional, the bigger version of the Lacey, is a very popular product at our Vancouver show room. The flat, wide arms give this sectional a stylish and modern look. The large, comfortable chaise is perfect for those who like to relax and snuggle up with their loved ones. The Mylo is available with the chaise on the right or on the left and it comes in two separate pieces to allow for quick and easy delivery. The Mylo is available in the standard grey fabric and also in a red, white, brown and black bonded leather.

Matiz Sectional
The Matiz corner sofa is a little different than the rest in that instead of a long, wide chaise it has additional back rests. A lot of customers who like to entertain and host guests like this product because it is social and welcoming. This corner sofa comes in three separate pieces to ensure that it will fit through standard doors and into your home. Like the Lacey and the Mylo, the Matiz comes in a grey fabric and also in a red, white and black bonded leather. Another bonus with this corner sofa is that it can be adjusted in length by adding in armless chairs to the side you prefer. 

All of the above products come with a one year warranty which covers manufacturer defects such as the frame, stitching, seat cushions, back cushions, feet, springs, foam and the fabric itself. In addition, the back rests of all of these products can be pulled out to provide easy cleaning and deliver

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